PUBG Mobile India, Everything that happened in 2020

In this article, we will show you, the PUBG Mobile India timeline; Everything that happened in 2020. So read it till the end.

PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly one of the most prominent names in the Battle Royal style on the mobile platform.

The game has received a resounding response from players of all ages and is actively played by millions of people worldwide.

The title has a great player base in India, which was dropped as it was one of 118 applications that were suspended by the Indian government for security and privacy reasons.

There have been many developments and updates regarding PUBG Mobile India Version availability in the country.

In this article, we take a look at the events that were related to the PUBG Mobile India that happens this year.

PUBG Mobile India timeline in 2020;

While speculation about PUBG Mobile’s return to India had permeated almost a month after the title suspension in the country.

PUBG Corporation issued a recruitment notice for the role of Corporate Development Division Manager for India.

Subsequently, many players speculated that the game could be set on track for his return.

PUBG Mobile India deal with Microsoft Azure;

On November 7, Krafton announced that they would be working with Azure.

As part of the deal, products operated by the South Korean company and its subsidiary will use Microsoft-owned cloud computing services.

In addition, cooperation is aimed at ensuring privacy and data security.

Soon after, speculation announcing the return of the game rose to prominence.

Many PUBG mobile professionals also gave similar signals during Diwali time.

The official announcement of PUBG Mobile India

official announcement of PUBG Mobile India
image via PUBG Mobile India

On November 12, PUBG Corporation announced the Indian version of the battle royale title that would feature improved and tailor-made in-game content to reflect the needs of users.

The following changes are mentioned in the press release:
1- Green Hit Effect
2- default dressed character
3- the facility to limit playtime.

It seemed that the long wait of Indian fans would soon be over. This announcement provided him a reason to rejoice.

The South Korean company also revealed its plans to establish a subsidiary in the country and invest $100 million.

Teasers and Websites

Teasers and Websites of PUBG Mobile India
Official website of PUBG Mobile

After a few’s days after the announcement, the teaser of PUBG Mobile India was also released. It features the famous and big players of the PUBG mobile area.

Kronten, Dynamo, and Jonathan were released on PUBG Mobile India’s social media handles and YouTube channel, which will only be coming soon. Message displayed.

Soon after, a special website was also set up for the PUBG Mobile Indian version.

But like the teaser, it did not shed much light on the version.

A few days later, the news section of the website was visible to users, where they could find the download apk download option, which directed them to the website of the global version of PUBG Mobile.

On 21 November, PUBG Corporation registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs as a private limited company with a capital of INR 5 lakh and authorized capital of INR 15 lakh.

In addition, Kumar Krishnan Iyer and Hyunil Sohan were named two directors of the company.

The former is a director of several companies, while the latter is the head of corporate development at KRAFTON Inc. &/PUBG Corporation.

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Meity responded to RTI

PUBG Mobile game is yet to get the green signal for its relaunch in the country.

In reply to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, it states that there is still no permission for PUBG Mobile India to get launched in India.

This put an end to all speculation about the return of the PUBG back in the country.

Krafton Inc. Appoints New Country Manager Operations Team

PUBG Mobile’s parent company Krafton Inc appointed Aneesh Aravind as the country manager of PUBG Mobile in India.

The South Korean company also added more members to its team to handle the game in the country.

The team consists of:-

Akash Jumde – Visual Content Designer
Piyush Aggarwal – Finance Manager
Arpita Priyadarshini – Senior Community
ManagerKaran Pathak – Senior Export Manager

All of these members have great work experience. As in the past, they all worked with Tencent company.

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