What is the meaning of Boxing Day Test Match

What is the meaning of Boxing Day Test Match?

A very well-liked cricket tradition in Australia is its Boxing Day Test match. But, most of people still does not know What is the meaning of Boxing Day Test Match?

Don’t worry we will explain you everything regarding What is the meaning of Boxing Day Test Match? and Why 26th December called as Boxing Day?

Why Is It Called As Boxing Day Test Match?

December 26, the day after Christmas, is the date of the Boxing Day Test match, an Australian cricket match.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is the venue for matches between the Australian cricket team and its opponents.

It also signifies the commencement of the Border-Gavaskar series between Australia and India as well as the formal start of the cricket season in Australia.

Because of its rich history, Australian culture and holiday celebrations now mostly revolve on the match date.

Why Only 26th December Called As Boxing Day Test?

Why Only 26th December Called As Boxing Day Test
Why Only 26th December Called As Boxing Day Test

Australia hosts a cricket Test match each year on December 26th, the day after Christmas, which is also known as Boxing Day.

This cricket game’s date was given the slang term “Boxing Day Test” for a few purposes.

First of all, as a spiritual Christmas ritual, English landed gentry and aristocracy would give their slaves and staff members gifts containing food, cash, and other items on Boxing Day, December 26.

Given the English origins of many contemporary Australian Christmas customs, it is thought that the moniker for the 26th was adopted while choosing a date for the cricket test match.

The celebration and match happen on the day after Christmas, when a lot of people are left to clean up abandoned present boxes, which is another connection between the name and the event.

What Is The Meaning Behind The Name Of Boxing Day Test?

It was previously reported that the English custom of exchanging presents and boxes on the day following Christmas gave rise to the phrase “Boxing Day.”

Dec. 26th became even more iconic day that all Australians would recognize when this moniker was applied to the cricket test match that was played on the same day.

Choosing the name Boxing Day for this big athletic event made perfect sense for a country that loves cricket, and it gave it a dual significance as a sporting festival and festivity.

What Is The Schedule Of Boxing Day Test Match 2023?

Boxing Day Test

This year, In 2023 there will be 2 Traditional Boxing Days Test:

  1. The 1st Match of 2023 Boxing Day Test Will Be Between Australia and Pakistan.
  2. The 2nd Match of 2023 Boxing Day Test Will Be Between India and South Africa.

Who Has Played The First Ever Boxing Day Test Match?

The history of Boxing Day dates back to 1892 when Victoria and New South Wales clashed at the MCG in a Sheffield Shield match during the Christmas period.

However, 26th December was one of the scheduled playing days and there was no opening date for that match.

The first ever Boxing Day Test match was played between Australia and England during the 1950–51 Ashes Test Series.

That year, the Melbourne Test was played from 22 to 27 December through Christmas, whose fourth day fell on Boxing Day. Australia registered a thrilling win by just 28 runs.

Why Australia Always Plays on Boxing Day

Since the inaugural Boxing Day Test match in 1950, about 70 Test matches have taken place in Melbourne, and Australia has never missed an opportunity to participate in this much anticipated occasion.

This illustrates the degree to which the custom has permeated Australian culture.

To maintain this long-standing custom of playing cricket over Christmas, Australia will always compete in the Boxing Day Test, regardless of their schedule or past success. Fans would never dream of keeping Australia out of their own Boxing Day Test.

The Atmosphere of the Boxing Day Test

There is an incredible atmosphere on Boxing Day at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Supporters are gathered in a sea, many of them with eskies filled with food and alcohol to last the entire day, Australian flags draped over them, and national team colors on their clothing.

The enormous stadium resounds with boisterous cheers all day long. At the notorious Bay 13, fans queue in line as early as the previous evening to secure the best standing-room spaces.

Loud yelling and a festive atmosphere take over if Australia bats first. Australians are getting together around the sport they love most, and the atmosphere is happy.

Which Countries Plays Boxing Day Test Match?

Other than Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and England also plays the traditional Boxing Day Test Match every year.

This year India will be playing against South Africa and Pakistan will be playing against Australia in the 2023 boxing day test match.

From Where Did The Boxing Day Test Match Gets Its Popularity?

After the 1952 tour of Australia to South Africa, there were no Boxing Day matches from 1953 to 1966.

Test matches started against India in 1967 on Boxing Day, but it was held at the Adelaide Oval and began on 23 December. Then, it started on its traditional date but in later years, the calendar remained uncertain.

Either the traditional day was abandoned, the day ended or the Adelaide Oval was held.

However, it was not until 1980 that the Melbourne Cricket Club and the Australian Cricket Board decided to secure the rights and start the annual tradition of a Boxing Day Test match at the MCG.

Earlier at the MCG stadium, there were only 4 test matches between 1952 and 1980, held in 1968, 1974, and 1975.  Adelaide also hosted three Boxing Day matches in 1967, 1972, and 1976.

The 1975 Boxing Day match, where the Australian cricket team defeated the West Indies team by eight wickets. That brilliant match gains the fan’s attention with around 85,000 visitors on the first day.

However, the highest footfall was recorded during the 2013 Boxing Day match between Australia and England. Where the MCG saw 91,112 visitors.

What Are The Top Memorable Moments From Past Boxing Day Tests

Over the years, Boxing Day has been the scene of numerous historically significant cricketing events, ranging from legendary individual efforts to classic match outcomes.

The greatest ones are Doug Walters’ amazing century in 1965 while chasing down 320.

Ian Botham’s devastating 149* in the 1981 Ashes.

Shane Warne’s mesmerizing first ball in 1994.

Justin Langer’s valiant match-saving 250 against England in 2002.

Ajit Agarkar’s explosive six-wicket haul to win in 2003.

Mitchell Johnson’s nine wickets to regain the Ashes in 2013.

Who can forget the epic Tie Test Match of 1960, which saw 110,000 spectators witnessing something unprecedented in Test history.

What Makes The Boxing Day Test Special?

The Boxing Day Test is a very significant cultural and historical occasion, being Australia’s premier cricket match each year. It brings an end to a year marked by intense expectation. If players do well here, they will be inducted into Australian legend for ever.

In addition to displaying outstanding rivalries, the Boxing Day Test ignites national pride, upholds rich tradition, and officially ushers in the Australian cricket summer every year.

What Makes Boxing Day Test So Special For Australian Cricket Fans?

In addition to offering top-notch cricket, the Boxing Day Test is a unique sports event. It’s extraordinary because of the lively singing, extravagant dress code, memorable 100,000-seat MCG setting, and joyful party atmosphere with vistas of Melbourne’s city.

In between overs, spectators may take advantage of interactive activities, beach balls, and a lively crowd experience. In addition, the Boxing Day Test falls on a leisurely holiday weekend for the majority of Australians, which makes it a perfect family outing and a generation-spanning national summer ritual.

Final Words

Australia’s most cherished and closely followed athletic event is without a doubt the Boxing Day Test match. Aussies national cricket team has been playing matches in Melbourne on December 26 every year since it was founded in 1950, and many Australians have grown up watching it.

Australia’s national summer ritual connecting its history and present is the Boxing Day Test, which should not be missed. This cricket match is a symbol of the qualities that Australia cherishes most: tenacity, camaraderie, and healthy rivalry.

The Boxing Day Test match will remain the well-known annual celebration that all Australians. With this we bid adieu and hope you have learnt about What is the meaning of Boxing Day Test Match and why 26th December is refer as its official date?

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