Best Refer & Earn Rummy Apps You Should Know
Best Refer & Earn Rummy Apps You Should Know

Best Refer & Earn Rummy Apps You Should Know

Rummy is one of those card games that instantly lightens up the atmosphere of a room. In India, Rummy is played at any and all types of social gatherings and adds to the fun of the event. Even fun bets and wagers are made, which instantly hypes people up to win the game even more. 

Online Rummy apps add to this fun of Rummy by adding in the features of intricate themes, marvelous graphics and beautiful aesthetics to go with it. It is very convenient to play online rummy at any time of the day with just your mobile phone and an internet connection. 

You can play it competitively with players from around the world or for fun with your friends and family.

What is the Refer and Earn Feature?

One of the key features that online rummy apps have, is the Refer and Earn feature. Most of the apps available in the Online Rummy community have this feature. 

In this you can refer the apps to your friends, family and the people you know and once they download the app and sign up to it, you earn some money, which varies from app to app. 

This feature is an added benefit as you can play real money games on the app with the money you earn by referring the app to your friends, and maybe win more money by winning big in competitive games. 

Best Refer and Earn Rummy apps

Below are the best rummy apps from which one can earn through referring as well. So, make sure you read and visit all of them.

1) Getmega Rummy 

Getmega is the best Real money rummy app in the online rummy community. The app offers a high dose of entertainment and has a streamlined gaming experience.

There is a ₹10,000 bonus after signing up to the app. And you can add to that bonus by referring the app to your friends and once they sign up you can use that bonus to play competitive games on the app. 

Getmega Rummy offers a safe gaming environment and a fair gameplay experience for all their users. 

2) Rummy Blast

Regarded as the best Android Rummy app, Rummy Blast has everything you need to have a blast of a time while playing rummy. You can play it with your friends and also chat with them side by side. 

Rummy Blast adds a modern twist to the traditional Indian Rummy game. The Indian version of the rummy game is a combination of Rummy 500 and Gin rummy. 

To know more about Rummy, Visit:- Rummy Culture- Play Cash

Rummy Blast can be played anytime against friends and players worldwide all while using 3G, 4G, Edge, or Wi-Fi. The new game modes by Rummy Blast greatly increase the play section on the app. 

The app is available in a multitude of languages and you can play it in the language of your choice. You can also send presents to people to brighten their day.

3) Rummy Table

Rummy Table is a 13 card Rummy game. It can be played with players online and gives a one of a kind rummy experience to its players. 

13 Rummy is a 13 card game, and is the most popular rummy variation in the Indian subcontinent. In this Rummy variation, there are various 52 card decks and 2 jokers with every individual deck of cards. 

A Rummy Table in the rummy community essentially means the place where you’re playing rummy with a group of people. So Rummy Table itself has various tables going on at the same time where you can play rummy 24/7.

4) Rummy Tour

Rummy Tour has a friendly UI that is easy to navigate so that players can enjoy their rummy experience without any fuss. 

Rummy Tour has a multitude of rummy variations that you can play depending on your mood. There are exciting different games available on the app such as; Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals Rumm, and many more.

Moreover, these games can be accessed on mobile phones, desktop and browsers. Rummy Tour also has secure transactions and easy money withdrawals to add to the user experience.

Want to experience an authentic rummy experience? Then Rummy Tour is the place for you. 


Online Rummy is quite popular for its features such as graphics, themes and royal avatars as they add to the fun and beauty of the game.

Similarly, the Refer and Earn feature makes the game more convenient for people as people can use the money they earn by referring to play real money games on the app. 

The above mentioned apps are the best Refer and Earn money apps available and you can find them all online. Besides all this you can visit our website Informative Gyan for more useful content.

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