5 Interesting WWE records and stats
5 Interesting WWE records and stats

5 Interesting WWE records and stats (John Cena & Triple H set new records)

Many impressive WWE records & stats have been made in 2020.

There were many memorable moments for WWE in 2020.

But the company’s efforts to work around COVID-19 made a lot of headlines.

Nevertheless, many WWE stars had a year to remember.

Sasha Banks & Bayley have been the highlight of SmackDown in recent months and Roman has dominated the company since its return.

But they are not the only stars who stand out.

Several WWE records & statistics from the past 12 months suggest that some absent WWE stars have also counted this year.

The following list looks at five of the most influential figures to come for some surprising WWE Superstars of 2020.

WWE records & amazing stats of 2020

5) Triple H did not compete for WWE all year

Last year i.e in 2020, Triple H celebrated 25 years with WWE but was forced to commit to an empty arena due to an COVID-19.

“The Game” Triple-H has made several WWE appearances this year, but the 14-time world champion did not perform at WrestleMania last year. This is one of the unique WWE records of Triple-H’s career also.

Triple H’s last WWE match dates back to June 2019, when he traveled to Saudi Arabia and defeated Randy Orton.

Interestingly, “The Viper” later survived Triple H’s reign of multiple world championships.

Source: Twitter

2020 will be a memorable one in Triple H’s career as it was the first time “The Cerebral Assassins” held an entire calendar year without competing in a single match.

“NXT’s Godfather” could make its transition as a full-time role stage.

Retirement matches for “The Game” have been talked about in recent months, so their final in-ring bout could be round the corner.

Triple H has been at the forefront of the company for over two decades, and now it may be time for the “King of Kings” to think about whom he wants to face in his final WWE match.

Could WrestleMania 37 be the right place for Triple H to announce his retirement and torch the rising star? Only time will tell.

4) Roman Reigns is not pinned in the WWE ring by anyone in 2020

Roman was not pinned a single time in 2020; Interesting WWE records
Roman was not pinned a single time in 2020; Interesting WWE records

Since “The Big Dog” made his return to the company at SummerSlam, he remained invincible.

The current WWE Universal Champion moved to Hetus in late March when the lockdown was announced due to the COVID-19 situation.

At the time, it was the Wrestlemania season and Reigns had a match with Goldberg at the Grandest stage of them all.

Which was canceled after that. But it appears that the match may happen in the near future.

The former WCW legend has publicly called out the Reigns, so they have planted the seeds for the clash between the two stars.

The year 2020 is the best year in Roman’s career. He made great WWE records and built it on an another level.

Also, he wasn’t pinned by any WWE superstar in 2020 which is an impressive record and stat for him as well.

Even though “The Tribal Chief” only lost a few matches throughout the year.

It is interesting to note that Reigns was never pinned in 2020. Which is one of the great WWE records & Roman’s personal records in 2020.

This feat marks the first time that his win percentage has been above 90% for a year.

According to Cagematch.net, Reigns won 90.6% of their matches in 2020 with 32 matches, 29 wins, 2 defeats, and not just one contest.

3) 2020 was the first year without the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Source:- Twitter

WWE Hall of Fame 2019

The Hall of Fame has become a staple of the WWE calendar and induction ceremonies have been seen as an attraction for WrestleMania weekend.

Hall of Fame ceremony is a tradition in WWE for the past 15 years. The Hall of Fame was first introduced in 1993 when Andre the Giant became the inaugural motivator after his death.

In 1996, the WWE Survivor Series featured a Hall of Fame ceremony and for the first time, it was presented to a paying audience.

The ceremony was not held for eight years, but the ceremony made its comeback in 2004.

The show was not broadcast on television but was available on DVD in conjunction with WrestleMania 20.

The Bella Twins
The Bella Twins

In 2020, several notable names were added to the class, such as JBL, Bella Twins, and Batista.

But the ceremony did not happen, as the epidemic forced WWE to change its plans.

And due to this COVID-19 pandemic situation, WWE has to forced to break their tradition of Hall of Fame Ceremony for the first time.

As a result, WWE was forced to break the tradition for the first time in 15 years; And this made a sad record in the WWE records lists also now these stars will be inducted in 2021

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2) WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has great form

Drew McIntyre at WWE WrestleMania 36; Interesting WWE records n Stats
Drew McIntyre at WWE WrestleMania 36; Interesting WWE records and Stats

What a difference a year makes. This time in 2019, the defending WWE champion Drew McIntire failed to win a single match on pay-per-view.

In many ways, the Royal Rumble in 2020 was a lifeline for his career.

In 2019, McIntyre lost to Reigns at WrestleMania and lost another match at WWE Extreme Rules against their opponent The Undertaker, and the current Universal champ. Roman Reigns.

But he changed his career in 2020. McIntyre went on to win the Royal Royal Rumble match by defeating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 to win the WWE Championship.

After then Drew successfully saved/defended his WWE Championship against Smackdown Saviour Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank; Bobby Lashley at the Backlash PPV.

And at Extreme Rules against Dolph Ziggler also Randy Orton was his next hurdle in both SummerSlam and Clash of Champions.

Drew faced his loss and ended his first reign of the WWE title against Randy Orton. At the Hell in the Cell PPV.

Drew also lost to The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns at Survivor Series. But Roman wins because of his brother Jey USO.

But he ended his 2020 year with a superb victory at TLC PPV in a brilliant Triple threat match. It was indeed quite an incredible year for Drew in WWE.

1) 2020 was the first year of John Cena’s WWE career in which he did not wrestle on the WWE RAW

John Cena WWE superstar
John Cena WWE superstar

Fans of John Cena know that the 16-time world champion has played a role in recent years with WWE as a part-time star.

But this is a strange record of John Cena in the WWE records list; as he didn’t wrestle a single match on RAW.

In 2020, Cena’s only wrestling came when he took on The Fiend Bray Wyatt in the Firefly Fun House match at WrestleMania 36.

Although Cena appeared on SmackDown in February to announce his retirement and the fact that he would not wrestle at this year’s WrestleMania, he was confronted by The Fiend. The clash set the stage for their match.

John Cena has appeared on Raw several times over the past two years, but it is interesting to note that the last time WWE wrestler had a match on its flagship show was Wrestling on January 14, 2019.

There he took part in a fatal four-sided match against Finn Baylor, Drew McIntire, and Baron Corbin.

So 2020 was the first calendar year of John Cena’s career when his WWE debut took place nearly 18 years ago in which Star could not contest a single match on Raw.

So these are the 5 Interesting WWE records and stats of 2020.

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