5 Best Games To Play on The Weekends

5 Best Games To Play on The Weekends

The most awaited time of the week for anyone is the weekend. Students, employees, and officers all eagerly look forward to the weekend as it’s the time for friends and family. From dinner meets to parties, everyone has some plans. 

But is any party truly complete without playing games? Come on, they are the life of any party! While talking about games, one has a huge variety when it comes to enjoying a chill and fun time with your loved ones. 

From board games like Carrom, Ludo, and Chess, to card games like poker, pool rummy, and Indian Rummy, one can play any game both in real or even online on gaming platforms. If you and your gang are game lovers then these are the 5 best games to play on the weekends. 

Indian Rummy

Also known as 13 Patti Rummy, it is the very popular Indian version of the Rummy game with a mix of Gin Rummy and Rummy 500. 

This game is usually played by two to six players and uses a deck of 53 cards, including the joker. 13 cards are provided to each player, and they must be sorted into sets. 

It is crucial to understand the value of the cards in your deck because they will have an impact on your results and chances of winning. 

Your objective is to meld your cards so that they form legitimate sets and sequences. The player with the lowest score wins. A fun game, Indian Rummy is the right choice to not only use your skills but also enjoy your weekends. 


A board game very popular among all age groups is Carrom. Something that not many people know is that this game originated in India. 

It involves a large wooden table board called the Carrom Board using small pieces called Carrom pieces (red, black, and white) that need to be put into the four posts at the four corners. 

You strike the Striker piece using your fingers in this game. Played in singles or doubles, you play the game till you strike 29 points or higher to end the game. 

Again a skill-based game, Carrom is very much enjoyed by even children and old people. Remember, your aim must be a sure shot in this game!


A colorful strategy board game involving two to four players, Ludo is derived from the Indian game of Pachisi. In this game, the players need to race their tokens from the start to the finish by the dice, moving clockwise.

The main aim of the game is to get all your tokens inside the home space, which is located in the center of the board. The player who reaches all four tokens first in the home space of the board wins the game. 

Ludo is considered an easy game and is also the reason why it is popular among children especially with it being available online to play. A recommendation for your weekend parties.


An American origin game, the UNO has become the most played and popular card game among the crowd for a very long time. 

What makes this game unique is the uniquely printed deck of cards. The main principle of the game is to put it into the Crazy Eights family of cards. 

To be able to master this game, one requires practice like any other game, however, you also need to familiarise yourself with its rules and tricks. 

The most fun part of the game is when the player has to shout out “UNO” to the other players. It is generally played with 2-10 players involving 108 cards. 

Although available online, the real fun of the game is when you play it on the table with your friends and family, especially on the weekends. 


Last but not least is yet another popular game of the crowd called Monopoly. An economics-themed board game, it is also multiplayer. 

Unlike other board games, the player moves around using the dice, buying and selling property and also developing them into infrastructures like houses and hotels. 

The aim is to collect rent from opponents, thus driving them into Bankruptcy. Along with this come many other plays and strategies that make this game what it is. 

Licensed in over 103 countries and printed in more than 37 languages, Monopoly has become globally popular culture and can be your best choice for a fun-filled weekend with your gang. 

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