Who is the New God of Cricket?

Who is the New God of Cricket?

Is Rohit Sharma the New God of Cricket in the world?? Well well, we are not saying this on our own

Recently the search results of Google is displaying that “Rohit Sharma is the new New God of Cricket in the world”

As anyone who is searching this term New God of Cricket you all will get the answer ROHIT SHARMA

Don’t worry we will tell you everything about this. Just make sure you read this article till the end for complete information, so, let’s start:-

So, what exactly happened?

The Google search engine has recently been a big topic of discussion in the CRICKET community.

This is because the results that appeared in the google search have delivered such unexpected results that have surprised and shocked a lot of cricket lovers.

And, the funny part is it’s hard for anyone to understand and interpret how the results of the google search engine work and function things in the number one or first position.

Furthermore, cricket lovers are baffled as to how Google is such irresponsible that it has generated such shocking and dramatic results when all of us are expecting proper stuff in the first place.

Anyhow, we should be noted that sometimes the world’s most recognizable search engine THE GOOGLE isn’t always correct.

And, in reality, several mistakes have been seen throughout the past years in the search results.

Who is the New God of Cricket?

Some of the funny and recent Google search errors

More than half of the world’s population uses Goggle as their search engine for getting and finding the answers to their queries.

But, sometimes or in some cases, the final result that users want to see is incorrect or wrong which leaves the searcher mystified.

1) Previously, the former President of the United States of America Mr. Donald Trump has become the target of internet bullies because the search results of Google have displayed his image when anyone searches “IDIOT” on google. But, later on, the error was eventually corrected by Google.

2) The latest error was that Sara Tendulkar is shown as the wife of Indian test cricketer Shubman Gill in the google search when anyone searches “Shubman Gill wife”.

3) A few months back, Virat Kohli’s wife Anushka Sharma has appeared in the google search results as the wife of Afghanistan classy leg spinner Rashid Khan.

As per Google Rohit Sharma is the New God of Cricket

Controversially, the search results of google have stunned cricket fans yet again by delivering some of the surprising search outcomes again.

So, basically, nowadays if anyone searches for the “New God of Cricket” on google, most of you will expect the outcome of your search will be Legendary Cricketer Sir Sachin Tendulkar but…

Google is showing “Hitman” Rohit Sharma as the “New Cricket God” query search result.

But, the name of this 34 years veteran new Indian captain can be displayed in the big bold fonts or letters correctly as of the others though it ain’t showing so, that’s why this has become a trending issue among the cricket and Rohit lovers.

Rohit Sharma’s cricketing carer has just been amazing

Even though he hasn’t got too many chances in his early phases by he has surprised himself and shocked the selectors with his impeccable timing and stroke placement.

He also led his IPL team MI [Mumbai Indians] to lift the 5 Indian Premier League titles and established himself as the most prolific captain in the history of IPL.

Along with this, our “HITMAN” Rohit Sharma is the only cricketer in today’s scenario to have not 1 nor 2 but 3-3 ODI double centuries and it’s very much difficult to score a single 200 and he has done this 3 times.

Rohit also has a record of smashing most T20 internationals [T20Is] hundred’s [FOUR – 4] 

He has recently become the full-time T20i captain and, he has started his captaincy career with a super blast by claiming the T20i series with a clean sweep 3-0 margin against New Zealand.

However, it wasn’t the full-fledged New Zealand squad as they were playing soon after the T20i World Cup final where they lost against Australia in the final.

That’s why some of their major players were rested in the T20Is series against India.

Final words

So, all in this article, we believe that the reader has enjoyed reading this article and have discovered this article knowledgeable and informative.

Tell us some of the other funny google searches results in the comments sections that have shocked you, we will also reply to your comment.

Until then search out for New God of Cricket on google.

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All the information in this article is taken from google searches and other sites.

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