Top 20 sites like steam east

Top 20 sites like steam east and its alternatives

Top 20 sites like steam east:- Are you fed up of the Steam East as it is not working properly?

And, looking for the best alternatives of Steam East?

Then, you have reached on the correct page. As in this one, we will tell you about the best and Top 20 sites like steam east along with its perfect substitues.

So, your task is very simple, just read this article till the end and you will know everything for what you are here.

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What is Steam East?

If you don’t know what steam east is. Then let me tell you, Steam East is a “digital publishing, digital rights administration, multiplayer, and social network.”

It is a major Game Store in the Entertainment & digital communications sector. Valve Corporation produces Steam East.

There is no need to be concerned if Steam East is unavailable!

The internet is packed with alternative offerings that are worth your money.

And each has its own set of benefits, discounts, community, and network. If the steam east is down, don’t be fed up.

Top 20 sites like steam east and its alternatives

Below this, we have listed the best and Top 20 similar sites like Steam east and its alternatives.

So please have a look at it and share your experience after using them in the comments section.



The 1st similar sites like steam east are GOG.COM. It [GOG] is a digital redistribution centre created by CD Projekt, the creators of the well-known Witcher series.

GOG is an abbreviation for “Good Old Games,” As the name suggests, it specializes in a big collection of retro games that can be difficult to obtain on any other platform.

It has recently evolved into more elevated and independent titles; its Galaxy download interface is DRM-free.


For 24 hours after download or 7 days after purchasing, Origin gives “no arguments needed” returns on games.

Origin frequently distributes free digital versions of older yet important titles from EA’s extensive publishing portfolio.

Users can access Origin with a monthly membership service of $5.

Like Steam East, Origin also offers various discounts and deals on holidays. Making you the best alternative to Steam east.


Perhaps the most well-known indie Steam intermediary, Green Man Gaming, provides a truly web-based store that provides encryption or digital keys.

The shop charges conventional retail prices for most titles, with additional reductions available to “VIP” clients who engage in the EXP loyalty programme.

4) ITCH.IO is all about indie developers. Even though most of the games available on the site and install application are free.

If you want something more tailored, look into the reduced game packages.

You’ll also discover games created during game jam sessions, as well as a vibrant and engaged community of creators and artisans.


Another similar sites like Steam East is Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle is probably familiar to you because of its thematic.

The regular game offers to contribute a portion of their revenues to charity.

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Furthermore, they are still doing this, but if you haven’t been there in a while, you might be startled to hear that they also provide:

  • Bundles.
  • A Humble Monthly subscription for gaming bargains.
  • A regular shop with specials.

6) GamersGate

GamersGate is a multimedia download platform that provides a mix of DRM-free game keys and direct downloading.

Customers receive digital currency in the form of coins for each transaction.

Along with that, users will also get modest benefits for contributing to the GamersGate community, such as publishing game ratings or responding to support issues.

Make sure you will not be mistaken with the GamerGate movement.

7) OnePlay

OnePlay provides a digital shop interface and key downloading platform.

Furthermore, OnePlay has a distinct edge over the majority of the other retailers on our list in that a wide selection of its PC games may be “rented.”

That would be to say, the products and games may be downloaded and playable for 30 days after a nominal rental fee.

OnePlay charges $10 per month for a VIP membership. All this make a perfect alternative to Steam east.

8) Direc2Drive

Next on the list f, similar sites like steam east are Direc2Drive. And, it’s the forefather of IGN’s ancient game shop.

It has been acquired by a private equity firm and is now managed as a separate business.

The essential concept stays the exact as it always has been: pay for games and immediately download those.

The majority of the games in the shop continue to allow immediate downloading via the web interface.

However, the firm also offers big titles with DRM authorization on Steam, Origin, Uplay, and other platforms.

9) The Humble Store

Humble, well recognized for its DRM-free “pay for what you want” game packages, now has a more conventional digital shop.

Humble’s catalogue strongly emphasizes indie and small publisher games, although it includes titles from major publishers like Square-Enix and 2K.

10) Microsoft Store

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Did you guys know that Windows 10 now has a designed and built-in gaming shop? 

Yes, it’s indeed easy to overlook because the more broad programmes in the wider Windows Store aren’t worth a visit.

Select titles allow you to transfer save and accolades across Xbox and PC platforms.

Sadly, the platform is still in its early stages. 

11) Uplay

Another similar sites like steam east are Uplay. If you don’t know about it then, we will tell you.

Ubisoft’s Uplay is a similar site and a platform to Steam east.

It is a hybrid game shop, DRM and a social site.

However, unlike Origin, Ubisoft provides its main games on other platforms such as Steam. 

Also, the gamers usually have to download and start the Uplay client, which is an immense nuisance.

12) Game Center

Game Hub is a unique Android app that allows you to play many online mini-games.

It s a game app that does everything.

This software provides you with all of the latest and greatest free games, such as Fighting, Action, Shooting, Racing, Mindful, Card, and so on their platform.

It features games from every genre, such as Action, Classic, Racing, Mind, and many more.


Krunker is a free browser-based arena-style strategic first-person shooter game where (usually) up to 8 people enter a lobby and shoot each other to oblivion or battle for a goal.

The game has no blood or graphic violence.

Yes, there is weaponry in the game, such as an Assault Rifle, Rocket Launcher, and Uzi, but that’s about it in terms of brutality.

14) Real-Time Gaming

Instant Gaming is a platform that resells digital codes, and you may buy a particular game code and redeem it later on a pre-existing shop.

It is quick and dependable; you may pay using various options, including PayPal; additional security secures everything by phone call, considerably reducing the possibilities of account theft.

15) Gamergate

The last similar sites like steam east on our list is Gamergate.

Gamergate was an internet community mainly consisting of gamers who were committed to the preservation of ethics in video game journalism.

Because of some members of the movement, it is frequently associated with misogynistic within the gaming world.

Final words:-

So, all these were the Top 20 free sites like Steam east and its alternatives.

We believe that you have enjoyed reading this article and have discovered it informative for you.

All the sites which we have mentioned are working and active.

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Visit them and share your experience in the comments section below.

If you know of similar sites like steam east or its alternatives, do let us know in the comments section below.

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