Top 10 similar sites like Periscope and alternatives
Top 10 similar sites like Periscope and alternatives

Top 10 similar sites like Periscope and alternatives

Top 10 similar sites like Periscope and alternatives in 2022:- If you are looking for free live video streaming apps like Periscope or alternatives then…

You have reached the right place. In this, we will provide you with a complete list of free live video streaming apps sites like Periscope.

So, make sure you read this article till the end to get complete information about free live video streaming websites in 2022.

List of Top 10 similar sites like Periscope and alternatives

  1. Mixer
  2. Dailymotion 
  3. Twitch 
  4. LiveStream 
  5. YouTube 
  6. Facebook 
  8. BeLive 
  9. Streamago 
  10. MeMe Live

Top 10 similar sites like Periscope and alternatives: In brief

Now we will tell you about the above alternatives and similar sites like Periscope in brief.

So have a look at them and read all of them thoroughly.


So, the first one on our sites like Periscope list is Mixer. It is a live streaming app that connects you to your friends and the world. 

They connect people who want to share their lives with those who want to watch. 

And by doing so, they have created a community of millions of broadcasters who enjoy live video together. 

Their goal is to create entertaining, interactive social media streams.


So, the second one on our sites like Periscope list is Dailymotion. It is a platform for personal, professional, and public use. 

They have millions of videos available on its homepage. 

Users can also enjoy a wide variety of live streams that are all free to watch. 

What started as a small video portal has now grown into one of the countries leading media sites with an audience of over 200 million people across 130 countries.


Top 10 similar sites like Periscope and alternatives

So, the third one on our sites like Periscope list is Twitch. It is a social video platform and community for gamers. 

It provides the best life and recorded gaming content from all of your favorite games and entertainment genres. 

Follow the latest news, chat with friends, create your channel, and broadcast yourself or others’ games. 

Twitch is where millions of viewers discover what’s new in the world of gaming, watch their favorite players play live, and know that they can talk to other gamers while they’re watching. 

They also have exclusive online tournaments with prizes worth millions of dollars per day! Please make no mistake about it. 

Twitch is where people tend to their favorite games in real-time to have conversations with other players/viewers like they would during a game.

And if you’re not up for that? No problem! Just let them watch online.


So, the fourth one on our sites like Periscope list is LiveStream. It is also a live streaming platform that allows people to host interactive and engaging, professional-quality broadcasts worldwide. 

It has quickly become a fast-growing service in the digital world.

People can broadcast event videos and share their broadcasts on social media platforms so that they’re available for everyone to watch. 

Live Stream makes it easy for you to be your broadcaster. 

All you have to do is link up with your friends or even strangers via Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. 

That’s it. After that, you can start broadcasting in minutes without knowing editing tools or camera settings! 

Their broadcasters are given unique software to customize their streams with easy-to-use effects themes and add backgrounds. 


So, the fifth one on our sites like Periscope list is YouTube. It is the largest and most popular video-sharing website in the world. 

We are part of Google, a company that offers advertising solutions to clients all over the planet, but we haven’t forgotten our roots. 

The internet is a prominent place, and with tons of content providers, it can be hard to find what you like. 

YouTube offers its users unmatched content discovery tools. 

So if there happen to be any lessons you’ve learned from watching our videos, please feel free to share them with us.

We hope you enjoyed your time here on this site, and we wish you all the best!


So, the sixth one on our sites like Periscope list is Facebook. It’s now possible to have a clean and easy-to-use platform for your webcam and mic. 

Facebook live is the latest addition to what Facebook can offer its’ users in terms of online services. 

Facebook Live hits it home for new users because it became an instant hit with Facebook’s 700 million+ global user base, making it a leader in the online world. 

So much so that Facebook has been able to take this service even further than its’ predecessor, “Slingshot.”

So, the seventh one on our sites like Periscope list is It is the best place to find and watch live streams from popular sporting events, video games, & entertainment. 

Its mission is to provide an easy-to-use platform for users (in over 200 countries) to access high-quality and reliable sports streams. 

They are passionate about streaming content. This means we spend all our time researching, watching streams, and ensuring that we are keeping up with the latest developments in technology. offers sports streaming enthusiasts all the latest news, live scores, highlights of matches, and more! 

Watch your favorite teams play live or catch up on the latest news at home with our Live Streams section!


So, the eighth one on our sites like Periscope list is BeLive. It is a social network app made by BeLive Inc. that brings together people worldwide to create connections, share ideas, and celebrate their lives. 

BeLive gives you a way to meet like-minded individuals by connecting with people based on interests and location, putting them in touch with others they can talk with or show off their skills.

BeLive is an app for users of all walks of life who want to connect and engage through social media but want more out of it than just posting status updates about their day.


So, the ninth one on our sites like Periscope list is Streamago. It is the world’s first innovative application that lets you go live and share your voice with anyone, anywhere. 

Streamago allows people to connect in real-time by video, voice, and text. 

It allows users to express themselves and make new friends using natural facial expressions and gestures. 

It also organizes live streams into channels for more straightforward navigation. 

Streamago was created by three friends from different countries who all had a strong desire to help create a globally connected community of people looking for something unique.

MeMe Live

So, the tenth one on our sites like Periscope list is MeMe Live. It is a mobile app that allows people to make friends and chat with them, share the same screen, broadcast live video privately or publicly. 

Our main target is teenage girls, our most active users, and a generation of social media adopters. 

MeMe Live has been designed in an easy way for girls to connect with others worldwide, regardless of their location. 

They’re able to create a private chat room or broadcast live to MeMe Live’s community on a public channel where more people attend to watch the live video stream. 

Speaking to other girls in our app helps them feel less lonely and reach out for support when they need it.

Final words

So, all these were the Top 10 similar sites like Periscope and its alternatives in 2022.

We believe that you are satisfied after reading this article.

If so, then do share this one with other series lovers & friends.

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