sites like wheel of names and alternatives

Top 5 sites like wheel of names and alternatives

If you’re looking for free alternatives and similar sites like wheel of names in 2022 then; you have landed at the right place. Listed below are all the alternatives and similar sites like wheel of names that you can try.

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What is wheel of names?

Wheel of Names is a website where you can make a name picker.

It will randomly spin your names on the wheel until you land on your desired one.

Anyone with access to the internet can put their names on their wheel and choose their random name!

You can then easily share your guesses with friends on social media, email, or send them to your class.

For teachers, the Wheel of Names makes it easy to assign random names since it allows you to quickly generate vast amounts of names with three clicks without re-typing each time.

List of Top 5 similar sites like wheel of names and alternatives

wheel of names

1] Picker Wheel

Picker Wheel is the web’s first and only interactive wheel with a random set of choices visitors can spin to get an answer.

Picker Wheel allows you to choose from hundreds of random topics, adding more daily.

The site works by narrowing down the choices based on location, time, and preferences so you are provided with something meaningful.

Their goal is to change how people learn about themselves through their interactive wheel.

Instead of giving you the information in standard form, try spinning their wheel!

They started Picker Wheel out of pure curiosity around December when they realized how fun it was for us as people to take typical questions or topics and playfully assign them to each other.

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2] randomlists

randomlists is an unbiased selection tool. They are working on building a community of people around the world who believe that randomness unites us all.

What song is on your mind that you always sing when feeling blue?

Or like what are the colors of your wardrobe?

Or, What shoe goes with which pants?

randomlists has hundreds of premade question lists to help you get solutions fast! Do you know all the answers to a survey question in the form of a list? Sure!

Try their soups and cheeses list or Fruity Worms List. With their lists, decision-making has never been so easy! 

Create a free account and become a member today!

3] Kahoot

Kahoot. It is a free game-based learning platform that millions of classrooms worldwide use to transform teaching, learning, and assessment.

In addition to being fun, Kahoot has been shown to help students retain critical content for improved exam scores.

Their personalized game-based solutions take advantage of the internet’s vast treasure trove of knowledge and deliver effective educational instruction from anywhere.

Plus, since anyone can create their kahoots (e.g., Kahoot – 7 easy Ways to Earn Money on Instagram), their platform attracts some of the brightest experts in education, allowing educators around the world to share and continue growing on the platform worldwide.

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RANDOM.ORG is the leading source of genuinely random numbers on the internet.

This means anyone, anywhere, anytime, can generate unlimited randomness from their secure service.

It is a source of truly random data, from which you can generate random samples and quantities of numbers, letters, or words.

RANDOM ORG was the first place to offer true mathematical randomness on the internet and continues to be the first choice for many people in need of truly random data.


spinthewheel. app is a personal review app that lets you decide what outfit best matches your personality with quizzes and polls!

Pick a sleek, grunge, or edgy style category, and have fun by playing games, answering questions, getting to know your friends in their unique social feed and more!

This app is for indecisive people who need help deciding on an outfit or just want a fun way to put together the perfect look.

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And if you want regular life advice about making decisions, check us out for more information!

The app is about letting you discover your inner self with spinthewheel exclusive persona tests and having so much fun doing it!

Spinthewheel app is available on iOS and Android.

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1] Picker Wheel

2] randomlists

3] Kahoot



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