Sites like Videovor and alternatives Top 10

Sites like Videovor and alternatives: Top 10

If you are looking for free alternatives and sites like Videovor in 2022, then;

You have reached the right place. In this, we will provide you with a complete list of the best and free sites like Videovor.

So, make sure you read this article till the end to get complete information.

List of Top 10 similar sites like Videovor and alternatives

1] Grab Any Media

2] Video DownloadHelper

3] FastestTube 

4] FlashGot 

5] ClipGrab 

6] Flash Video Downloader

7] Video Downloader Get Them All 

8] FVD Video Downloader

9] Offliberty 


1] Grab Any Media

So, number 1 on the sites like Videovor list is Grab Any Media. It is a popular web browser extension that allows you to download video files.

This extension allows internet users to download any file, including video files, from many video streaming websites with just one click.

Their goal since day one has been to provide users with an easy way to save and store their favorite videos for offline viewing, whether it be on vacation or during a power failure.

Their browser extensions on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari have been downloaded more than 100 million times in the past nine years. They’re confident that they’ve found their niche online.

2] Video DownloadHelper

So, number 2 on the sites like Videovor list is Video DownloadHelper. It is an add-on for the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers that assists internet users in downloading images and video files from the websites.

It is perfect for those struggling with low-quality videos who want to purchase high-quality videos in a large size or avoid annoying ads while watching their favorite shows.

Video DownloadHelper automatically detects which of the website’s content can be downloaded without a third-party software installation, so you don’t need to install anything!

They have been working hard to constantly improve their product and design it for people like you.

Whether adding new features, improving existing ones, or providing feedback, their team will do whatever they can to make your experience as pleasant as possible!

3] FastestTube 

So, number 3 on the sites like Videovor list is FastestTube. It is a user-friendly YouTube video downloader designed for meeting the need to get more complex, better, and stronger downloading in every environment.

4] FlashGot 

Sites like Videovor and alternatives Top 10

So, number 4 on the sites like Videovor list is FlashGot. It is a powerful download accelerator that can accelerate your downloads from the internet.

Flash Got will help you manage files and URLs, remove errors, and even delete the file after downloading.

It keeps a small consumer-friendly interface that can easily fit into anyone’s lifestyle.

How were people supposed to find out about these sites?

What if they got their favorites blocked by ISP?

So, I set up this website which allows people to download the information they are looking for more accessible than ever before!

They have over 50 thousand downloads per month, and their goal is to reach 1 million downloads by next year!

5] ClipGrab 

So, number 5 on the sites like Videovor list is ClipGrab. It is a video downloader, converter and encoder.

It supports YouTube and 30+ other video sites.

With ClipGrab, you can easily download and convert YouTube videos to mp4 or download the HTML5 playable mobile-friendly version of the video and share it everywhere!

As a free tool, it offers advanced options to convert YouTube videos at super high definition resolutions, which can be watched on any device with ease.

You can also use your file conversion software like Handbrake to create optimized mp4 files for your smartphone.

Once upon a time, there was no such thing as downloading videos from YouTube without being blocked by copyright claims because of IP tracking based on uploaders’ location.

Then someone came up with an idea to let users download online videos before they get taken down by copyright holders, but it had its flaws – including that sometimes.

6] Flash Video Downloader

So, number 6 on the sites like Videovor list is Flash Video Downloader. It is a popular extension for the Google Chrome browser, an essential tool for downloading any multimedia file.

It is bursting with features so that users can download their videos and audio in style.

Since it was founded in 2008, Flash Video Downloader has been an industry leader by providing top-quality features like HTTPS encryption and ad blocking.

The team behind Flash Video Downloader are true experts. They have always put their followers first and continued to grow in popularity with millions of downloads available for any video or audio file you could imagine.

Their website made me realize how much time was wasted on YouTube, watching ads, and browsing for files.

I started searching for something that would directly show me the links to my favorite websites without hassle or fuss.

7] Video Downloader Get Them All 

So, number 7 on the sites like Videovor list is Video Downloader GetThemAll. It is a browser extension used to download videos and multimedia files.

It works efficiently in the case of proxy websites where most internet downloaders and accelerators fail to work, resulting in a significant number of videos being unavailable for all users who cannot load those on their computers.

Video Downloader GetThemAll utilizes an intelligent scan engine that identifies content-rich sites and downloads them efficiently.

Unlike other programs, this browser extension does not require previous knowledge of websites or how they work.

Video Downloader GetThemAll is lightning fast, which helps reduce ping times and alleviate server strain from too many users downloading at once.

8] FVD Video Downloader

So, number 8 on the sites like Videovor list is FVD Video Downloader. It is an extension for the Opera web browser to download audio and video files from any website over the internet.

FVD provides a quick and easy way to save the file data to your PC, where it can be stored in a folder or on your hard drive.

There is always one person at work who won’t let you watch videos on their time, but they like to hog all the powerpoint slides or rotate them so that you have to watch every drop before you can see what’s coming up.

You’re supposed to be watching a video with others and chatting about it, not watching over their shoulder while they are getting to the good part.

With FVD, you get all the benefits of being able to download movies and share with friends without having the other person steal your computer when they can sit quietly and watch their version.

9] Offliberty 

So, number 9 on the sites like Videovor list is Offliberty. It is a web-based platform that lets you access any online content without a permanent internet connection.

The main idea behind OffLiberty is to provide an alternative to websites that are restricted to certain countries or regions.

For example, many people like to use their service when they travel abroad because it allows them to bypass typical geo-blocking restrictions and access their favorite content on the go.

Offliberty was developed by a team of professionals with computer science, information technology, and communication design backgrounds.


So, number 10 on the sites like Videovor list is Peggo. It is a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that records MP3s of his favorite YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks.

It enables you to organize music and your YouTube and SoundCloud playlists in one place.

Further, it allows you to fast forward through commercials, skip all the unwanted parts of a song, silence the sound of vibration when your phone rings, or set up auto-playlists for specific occasions.

Peggo is not just a tool for entertainment – it’s also an excellent tool for professionals!

Final words on sites like Videovor & alternatives

So, they’re all the Top 10 similar sites like Videovor and its alternatives in 2022.

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