Sites like and alternatives

Sites like and alternatives

If you’re looking for free alternatives and similar sites like in 2022 then; you have landed at the right place. This article will provide a complete list of free similar sites like and alternatives.

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What is is an online directory. They help people find their friends and address contacts by listing entries on people, their addresses, and contact information for the United States.

They make it easy for people to connect in person or far away.

When you sign up for an account, you begin listing your friends and start receiving requests from the public to connect with them!

Their site provides everything you need at your fingertips—home phone numbers, public records, and more.

List of Top 5 similar sites like and alternatives



So, the number 1 on sites like list is US OneSEARCH. It is an alternative to the US phone book.

It is an excellent service if you’re looking for a job right away or if you need to find an old friend or acquaintance who has changed their address.

Other benefits of US OneSEARCH include finding lost friends, relatives, and pets in your area, financial information, professional licenses, and more.

They are an excellent solution for those concerned about privacy and security when looking up information in a directory or phone book.

They provide more features like background checks and many other benefits that make us more desirable than the US Phone Book.

As a company, they focus primarily on providing additional background check services. 

Still, they also bring people various resources like credit reports, criminal records, social media monitoring, etc.

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2] Instant Checkmate 

So, the number 2 on sites like list is Instant Checkmate. It is the best and easiest US phone book to use.

They help you find phone numbers from businesses, government agencies, schools, churches, companies, and more!

The Instant Checkmate mobile app has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

It’s also different because it provides an alternative to Google, the standard search engine for US people searching for phone numbers.

Don’t waste your time looking for all the online information about a business to find out if they don’t have a website or contact number.

With Instant Checkmate, you check out with the company through their convenient app in one click.

You can search by name or area code.

They offer a powerful search feature that allows you to find people using names, area codes, and more.

Instant Checkmate also provides English language support and quick access to contacts from every device imaginable, including phone numbers, emails, and social media profiles.

Their vision is to make searching for contacts fast and easy for everyone!

3] Ekata 

So, the number 3 on sites like list is Ekata. It is a powerful engine with searchable records of millions of people.

The database allows for pinpointing someone’s phone number.

Ekata is an excellent alternative to the outdated US Phone Book, which makes it ideal for businesses and the police.

They’ve provided companies with a powerful engine that finds anyone in their database with a few quick keystrokes.

Beyond just saving searches, they can also be programmed to search every day for new people and update their company database for the company.

Ekata was created to replace US Phone Book, a great alternative but lacking security features and a comprehensive contact database.

Their machine learning algorithm saves searches and makes intelligent changes as it learns from previous searches.

They also provide other businesses with valuable insights into demographics, ethnicity, what age group someone falls under, and whether they live in an urban or suburban area.

This allows Ekata to target that demographic better through advertising campaigns and social media marketing efforts.

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4] FindOutTheTruth 

So, the number 4 on sites like list is FindOutTheTruth. It is the leading online website for background checks.

It helps protect you or your loved ones from dangerous individuals and gives you peace of mind with just a straightforward search.

FindOutTheTruth is the easiest way for people to find other people.

Whether looking for a long-lost friend or trying to find a new customer service job, they have compiled information from phone books and other sources across the country to make it easier for users.

They’re not just about people searching; they also offer an investigative service for those looking for a better way to find solutions.

Their quality investigators are skilled in various areas of investigation, including covert surveillance and undercover work.

5] WhoEasy 

So, the number 5 on sites like list is WhoEasy. It is a directory based on an intelligent search engine that helps you track and find more information using only a phone number.

With the phone number, you can discover who the phone is registered to, the address, other contact information, and even more.

WhoEasy strives to make it simpler for individuals by providing valuable and timely phone numbers so that you can easily find your next best friend or companion.

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If you’re looking for someone new to connect with, this also makes it easier as they match your interests to potential dates/people in your area.

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5] WhoEasy 

Final words on sites like  

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