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Top 5 sites like and alternatives

If you are looking for free alternatives and similar sites like lookmovie in 2022, you have reached the right place. 

This article will provide you with a complete list of the alternatives and free sites like lookmovie. 

So, ensure you read this article until the end to get complete information.

What is is a streaming platform that allows users to watch their favorite Entertainment titles, including TV shows and movies, on multiple platforms.

Their website contains all your favorite content, from new releases and high-quality HD productions to classic favorites from all genres, including movies such as “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and “Das Boot.”

Today’s trendsetters are looking for the trending titles in their favorite genres and finding new ones.

Their goal is to develop an online experience that makes it easy for people to find the best videos at their fingertips and enjoy them on a platform they can trust without ever leaving the house!

List of Top 5 similar sites like lookmovie and alternatives



So, the number 1 on sites like lookmovie list is It is an online portal for watching movies and tv-series with English and Spanish subtitles online, in high definition.

Their HD videos are accessible on any internet device, including your smartphone or tablet, so you can enjoy movies without needing a cable subscription.

On top of offering over 200000 HD movies and tv-series episodes to stream, also provides its users with movie trailers, trending lists on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, movie reviews from their editors, and other content.

It offers viewers tons of HD movies and TV Series from all over the world, with English and Spanish subtitles, and most importantly, free of cost.

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So, the number 2 on sites like lookmovie list is provides ratings and reviews for all new movies, shows, and celebrities.

IMDb also keeps track of top movies, TV shows, actors, actresses, directors, and other celebrities.

IMDb contains 10 million profiles, of which 10% are “fake.”

Despite its extensive database, no two people have the same list.

It’s the world’s leading and comprehensive entertainment website that helps continue to revolutionize culture daily.


So, the number 3 on sites like lookmovie list is They at Movie2k want to change the way you watch movies online.

Just vow for something better, and that is easier to watch a movie than ever before!

Get Movies Online That are Currently Playing or New Releases for Free!

They offer these latest Hollywood movies for free in different versions. Download Fast – One of their main aspirations at Movie2k is speed.

While they understand that quality comes first, if you need to download the software faster, now wouldn’t be the time.

Freebies Download their applications and get all your movie needs fulfilled!

Welcome to M2K: a clean, safe, and sound place where you can catch up with the latest movies without paying anything.

With us along with this site providing HD Movies online without any limitations whatsoever, There have never been such attempts made before on app downloading platforms where you will be getting all reasons for accessing your favorite site completely free.

Because of this, more than 8 million people worldwide visit us each month.

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So, the number 4 on sites like lookmovie list is Stagevu. They are a streaming service that allows you to download movies online for free.

The platform offers movies from all around the world for anyone and everyone with no registration or membership needed.

Stagevu is an easy way of watching and downloading everything from your Android or iOS device.

No annoying ads interrupt your session whenever you watch the video through their service.

That also means that citizens in countries that restrict streaming enjoy watching movies!

Users can easily watch and download movies, shows, themes, and queries about directors, actors, and more from Trending History.

5] Gorillavid 

So, the number 5 on sites like lookmovie list is Gorillavid. It is an incredible sight that was discontinued just recently.

It has ratings, text-to-speech, subtitles, and music in numerous languages, something not found in any other devices.

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It means all their loved content from the past is still available for viewing.

They hope you can continue the tradition of watching movies online at Gorillavids with the latest and newest content viewers want!

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3] Movie2k 

4] Stagevu 

5] Gorillavids 

Final words on sites like lookmovie  

So, they’re all the Top 5 similar sites like lookmovie and its alternatives in 2022. We believe that you are satisfied after reading this article.

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