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Top 10 sites like ianime and alternatives: latest

If you are looking for free alternatives and similar sites like ianime in 2022, you have reached the right place. Our article provides a comprehensive list of free similar and alternate sites like ianime.

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List of Top 10 similar sites like ianime and alternatives


1) vostfree

So, the number 1 on sites like ianime list is Vostfree. It is a video-on-demand service that offers Japan’s latest and best anime.

As you watch your favorite anime, if you like what you see, you can save it to your library and watch it whenever you’d like.

Vostfree aims to be the first choice for people who want to watch their favorite anime online with high-quality for free.

This is also available through paid subscriptions.

Their team has been in this industry for more than ten years and has grown exponentially yearly.

According to Alexa, their hard work has led to Vostfree being ranked as one of the world’s top 10 most watched websites.

2) ilavana

So, the number 2 on sites like ianime list is ilavana. Their goal is to make the best place on earth for anime fans.

Ilavana is a full-featured streaming service with over 400 releases in over 60 languages and a catalog of over 9,000 manga titles.

Ilavana has content from many countries and regions, and their team focuses on anime you may not find elsewhere.

They have carefully curated their selection so you can binge-watch your favorite series without worrying about the quality getting compromised.

Ilavana has three teams focused on streaming, manga prepress, and graphic design.

The name is inspired by the Sanskrit term “the world” – “Sarvam Dhi.”

It means “all things” or “everything.”

They hope to be the world’s number one portal for anime online!

3) animecomplet

So, the number 3 on sites like ianime list is Animecomplet. It is a site for watching anime online.

They allow you to watch your favorite anime series and films online in 4K HD quality.

They feature some of the latest anime, as well as classics, with many of them being dubs and subbed.

You can find their site in three languages- English, French, and Spanish, using an intuitive interface that will walk you through everything.

Animecomplet was made to focus on providing quality service to all audiences while also trying not to be too overwhelming or overwhelming when they are making such a significant decision as subscribing to an entire show or season!

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4) wacvostfr

So, the number 4 on sites like ianime list is Wacvostfr. It is a site that offers free and anonymous access to Chinese TV series and movies.

At Wacvostfr, you can watch the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows or movies in streaming English subtitles version.

Wacvostfr provides daily new movies from 16:30 till 19:00 (GMT+1) with a convenient interface and good technical quality.

You can easily find what you are looking for in their catalog, whether it be a family movie or an action-packed thriller.

Wacvostfr streamlines the search process so that you can quickly find what’s suitable for you without having to navigate multiple websites or search through pages of language dictionaries.

5) animefreak

So, the number 5 on sites like ianime list is Animefreak. It is the most extensive HD anime database offering.

They have 10,000 titles in their HD database and are constantly adding new episodes.

Whether you’re browsing to watch your favorite series or just want to reminisce on all your favorite classics, Anime Freak can provide a great experience every time.

They offer services like watching old shows and what’s hot right now and have iOS and Android apps.

6) chia anime

So, the number 6 on sites like ianime list is chia anime. The site is dedicated to ridding the world of illegal anime downloads and the piracy that comes with them.

They hope to inspire others to join in on the fight so that no one will be lured into such illegal practices.

They believe in offering free online content, but they also think there are better ways of taking away content from fans than copyrights and viruses.

Their website does not host any illegal content whatsoever or any sort of virus or malware.

Chia is unique in its commitment to providing quality entertainment for people who love anime and manga.

They take pride in their professionalism and customer support services.

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7) animeplanet

So, the number 7 on sites like ianime list is Anime Planet. It is all about anime.

Anime-Planet is one of the only websites to offer over 100,000 episodes in HD, with subtitles in multiple languages.

You’ll also find genres like shounen, a slice of life, and romance at your fingertips!

They have the newest episodes available and are constantly updating their website so you will never get bored.

Their power comes from their fans– they rely on word-of-mouth advertising to spread the word about their site!

Search for ‘Animeplanet’ on FlickTop or Reddit to see for yourself if they’re worth a visit.

8) gogoanime

So, the number 8 on sites like ianime list is GogoAnime. It is one of the leaders in anime entertainment.

With over 21,000 titles and counting, you’re sure to find your next favorite.

GogoAnime is a streaming service for anime that offers a new way of watching anime. 

Their Next Gen Throughput Technology enables instant access to all torrents regardless of bandwidth or internet speed, allowing users to offer the latest and best titles from Japan.

Watch now on PS3, Xbox 360, WiiU, and PC on desktop and portable devices, as well as iOS and Android smartphones!

9) 9anime

So, the number 9 on sites like ianime list is 9anime. It is a website dedicated to anime, movies, and TV shows.

With over 26000 anime shows and movies, it can offer something for all types of people, from the diehard fans who want fresh new releases when they are released to those just looking for some relaxing entertainment for their evening.

Whether you’re looking for your next favorite show or just want access to classic cartoons that aren’t on any other streaming service, 9anime has you covered.

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10) animelab

So, the number 10 on sites like ianime list is AnimeLab. It is the best anime streaming site online.

AnimeLab is your one-stop shop for all your anime needs, with over 10,000 show episodes in their database and new series added daily.

They pride themselves on providing the highest quality content possible while cutting out the extra hassle of restrictions like region locks and DRM that could get in the way of your viewing experience.

At AnimeLab, they take pride in providing every possible streaming option available from a wide range of devices such as PS4, Apple TV, Firestick, Chromecast, and mobile devices, so you can watch anime however you want!

They also offer a lifetime membership for $49.99, which gives you unlimited access to all parts of the site, whether HD streams or downloads!

Working links to similar sites like ianime 

1) vostfree

2) ilavana

3) animecomplet

4) wacvostfr

5) animefreak

6) chia anime

7) animeplanet

8) gogoanime

9) 9anime

10) animelab

Final words on sites like ianime  

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