Sites like Dumpor and alternatives Top 10

Sites like Dumpor and alternatives: Top 10

If you are looking for free alternatives and sites like Dumpor in 2022, then;

You have reached the right place. In this, we will provide you with a complete list of the best and free sites like Dumpor.

So, make sure you read this article till the end to get complete information.

List of Top 10 similar sites like Dumpor and alternatives

1] Pixwox 

2] izoomYou 

3] InstaStories 

4] Instalkr

5] 4K Stogram

6] StoriesIG 

7] FastSave

8] Storiesgrams

9] Instasaved 


1] Pixwox 

So, number 1 on the sites like Dumpor list is Pixwox. It lets you download and view Instagram posts, stories and photos in the way you want.

Just search for any term on Instagram, like “chocolate” or “watch,” to get started.

  • Pixwox has several features that make it easy to view your destination post across platforms.
  • Download a photo as an image.
  • Save to your gallery.
  • Download as GIF.
  • Share via Whatsapp, email or copy link.

You have to tag the person who posted the content you’re looking for, and it will automatically be included in your downloads!

I’m here because I wanted one app that would let me find everything I needed on IG in one place without messing around with multiple apps.

It’s all about making your life easier because every day is busy enough without having to also worry about where to store it all.

2] izoomYou 

So, number 2 on the sites like Dumpor list is izoomYou. It provides a better way to view Instagram profiles on your phone.

The profile often does not include essential details such as age and occupation.

What izoomYou does is provide this information in an easy to navigate the app.

It then provides an easy way to enlarge photos and get more details about the person you are viewing.

How did they come up with the idea behind izoomYou?

They were bored while waiting for a friend stuck in traffic and looking at their phones when it dawned on us. What if they could zoom in on Instagram photos that aren’t too large?

This is how izoomYou came into being, but this is not where their story ends.

3] InstaStories 

So, number 3 on the sites like Dumpor list is Instastories. For those who are on Instagram, you know how it is.

You find someone you like, and they don’t follow you back.

Maybe they unfollowed because their account was hacked, or a new follower just got them, and they don’t want to admit that.

InstaStories solves this problem by providing users with an anonymous IG browsing service that allows users to browse other people’s IG feeds without following them back.

InstaStories is here for the people that always want what others have without the hassle of social media drama.

Social media has ruined many relationships and friendships simply by having jealousy, envy, and entitlement through stalking, hacking, deleting content from social media accounts, etc.

InstaStories provides peace of mind for those using Instagram for their personal life rather than as a place to show off fashion purchases and status updates.

4] Instalkr

So, number 4 on the sites like Dumpor list is Instalkr. It is a storytelling platform where you can view or download the stories of people you like and follow their lives.

They currently have more than 5 million followers across over 100 countries.

Instalkr has been featured in publications like The New York Times and Forbes.

When I started writing my own story, I was looking for someplace to publish it with some privacy but at the same time without feeling like I was contributing trash on someone’s blog.

Instalkr seemed like a great medium to share my thoughts with the world while still staying anonymous.

Instalkr is a service that helps us explore their emotions, understand themselves, and ultimately make us better people.

5] 4K Stogram

Sites like Dumpor and alternatives Top 10

So, number 5 on the sites like Dumpor list is 4K Stogram. It is the easiest way to download stories and pics from Instagram.

Using their app, you can compare likes and followers for every account and hashtag you search for.

You can also filter your search by location or follower count and see how quickly a user’s following has grown.

4K Stogram is better than any other way of downloading on Instagram because it makes your phone easier to use, making everything seamless, so you don’t have to click over browser links all day long.

6] StoriesIG 

So, number 6 on the sites like Dumpor list is StoriesIG. It is a social media aggregator that offers one-of-a-kind features, including anonymously viewing stories without followers.

The StoriesIG app enables users to access a library of popular internet content in status updates, videos, images, etc.

StoriesIG has everything you need for your social media story.

It lets you check stories from all your favourite blogs in one place and download them for offline reading.

StoriesIG is the perfect platform for watching low-volume stories or following the most interesting ones!

The StoriesIG app makes it easy to follow authors without restriction or fear of being followed back with no fear of reposting anything you enjoy yourself!

As creators of StoriesIG, they believe that everyone should have access to as much information about what’s happening around them.

7] FastSave

So, number 7 on the sites like Dumpor list is FastSave. It assists its global users to browse and download videos/photos from their intended Instagram users without paying for anything.

Its mission is to make the Instagram experience more interactive and beneficial.

FastSave: Repost photo videos are a tremendously used platform for students, universities, celebrities, and companies to quickly share posts with their fans.

8] Storiesgrams

So, number 8 on the sites like Dumpor list is Storiesgrams. It is your one-stop source for all things stories on Instagram.

It delivers you a unique, real-time feed of popular hashtags, and it offers an abundance of content that includes memes, funny stories, party photos, and so much more!

They like to keep things simple at Storiesgrams, so they have made it easy for you to get the most out of their app.

Will, you never see ads or sponsorship requests in their app, and what is the best part?

Storiesgrams doesn’t need your info (your account, email address or anything like that) to work.

So there’s no risk of seeing anything embarrassing or sensitive.

Plus, you’ll never be spammed with invitations again while checking out what’s trending on Instagram!

9] Instasaved 

So, number 9 on the sites like Dumpor list is Instasaved. It is a website that helps you download your desired things from Instagram.

It simplifies downloading from Instagram by providing filters, downloading in a breeze and more.

With over 100 million users per day, Instasaved is among one of the top Instagram downloader websites.

Instasaved can help you save your favorite photos, albums, or IGTV videos to your computer, so you never miss anything important!


So, number 10 on the sites like Dumpor list is StorySaver. It is the easiest and safest way to download stories from Instagram.

This new, sleek mobile app gives you unique access to millions of IG stories without leaving a trace or compromising privacy with your creepy self-taken pictures.

StorySaver has been created for all levels of Instagram users.

Whether you’re looking for inspirational quotes, celebrities, favorite TV shows or just cute animals, they have it covered with their easy-to-use tools.

Anybody can become a pro when stalking their friends on Instagram.

It’s quick and easy to find what you need by navigating their extensive categories, including Inspirational Quotes, Celebrities (Heartwarming), TV Shows, Pets & Animal’s Other Topics.

Final words on sites like dumpor

So, they’re all the Top 10 similar sites like dumpor and its alternatives in 2022.

We believe that you are satisfied after reading this article.

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