Power Raising Kanan season 2 release date, plot, etc

Power Raising Kanan season 2 release date, plot, etc

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About the series:- Power Raising Kanan season 2

Kanan’s ruthless style continues in a prequel alternate season of Power that premiered on the Starz network.

With season one completed, the extension was greenlit and produced this July 2021.

The prequel, set in the 1990s, is set to establish how Kanan went from an anti-hero portrayed by Mekai Curtis to 50 Cent’s most adored killer character in Power.

The show seemed not to linger in depicting Kanan’s life as a felon and showed us a tried-and-true murder by the ambitious drug dealer.

The potential release date for Power Raising Kanan season 2:

The release date for Power Raising Kanan has not been announced officially.

But one is expected to be announced soon based on the annual cycle of Power Book.

We are told that filming for new episodes is well underway, which means that the release dates will hopefully come sooner rather than later.

Power Raising Kanan season 2 release date, plot, etc

That’s all we know, apart from that we can expect to see the new series at some point in 2022.

Raising Kana may be released at the same time as season one, which was July through to September.

Power Raising Kanan season 2 cast:

1) Katrina mela will play Raquel Thomas.

2) London brown will play Marvin Thomas.

3) Malcolm Mays will play Lou Lou.

4) Joey bada will play Unique.

5) Shanley Caswell will play Shannon Burke.

6) Hailey Kilgore will play Laverne Thomas.

7) Toby Sandeman will play Symphony Bosket.

8) Love Simone will play Davina Harrison.

9) Omar Epps will play Malcolm Howard.

10) Mekai Curtis will play Kanan Stark.

Spoiler Alert: Plot & Storyline for Power Raising Kanan season 2:

In Command Power Raising Kanan season 2, Detective Malcolm Howard will awake after being shot in season one.

Kanan tries to kill him again, but he survives and then the season will start following his recovery process.

Raquel wants to prosecute Unique even though he has already been detained.

Will the detective agree to provide his son with protection?

Meanwhile, Kanan is hiding in Maryland, but his ties to the team in South Jamaica, New York are deep and he’s currently unaware that the officer he killed is his father.

Kana was seen having a rough childhood.

His mother became addicted to drugs, and he had to help her run their family business.

The consequences of this will be shown in future episodes, with the incident forming his mentality.

According to Mekai Curtis, the character Kanan will be molded to fit the repercussions of learning his mother is a drug dealer.

Will the detective agree to investigate Unique for the crime even though he’s already in custody?

All these questions will be answered when the new season will air.

Until then let us wait for their official confirmation.


1) Is Raising Kanan season 2 out?

No, as of March 2022 season 2 is not there. However, you can expect it to be released during summertime.

2) Is Raising Kanan Cancelled?

No, the series has been renewed for season 2 but the exact release date is announced yet.

3) Will there be a Power Book 2 season 3?

Yes, there will be season 3 of Power Book.

4) Where to watch power raising Kanan season?

You can watch Raising Kanan on the Starz network in the USA and on the Strazplay network in the UK.

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