Maggiano Guest Satisfaction Survey win $100 gift card

Maggiano Guest Satisfaction Survey win $100 gift card

Maggiano Guest Satisfaction Survey: Do you feel like you could use a little extra cash? One of the easiest ways to earn money is participating in online surveys.

In this blog article, we’ll take you through how to win a $100 gift card by taking a survey!

You only have to do is answer some simple questions to be entered into the draw.

What is the Maggiano Guest Satisfaction Survey?

The Maggiano Guest Satisfaction Survey is a survey given to guests of the chain’s restaurants to take while they are at their current Maggiano location.

It asks guests questions about their experience and rewards them with cash when they complete it.

The more questions they answer, the better their chances are of winning the $100 prize.

How to Win a $100 Gift Card

Maggiano is a restaurant found on Easton Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.

It is one of the newest restaurants on the block and has received lots of publicity for its quality food and service.

Maggiano recently came out with a survey asking its guests how they felt about their dining experience.

They were looking for feedback on what needed to be improved so that the customer’s experience could be the best possible.

How to Take the Maggiano Guest Satisfaction Survey

To take the survey, go to Maggiano’s Facebook page, and you can also find the link on their homepage.

If you want to win $100, answer 20 questions correctly and submit your information before they end the survey on June 30th.

Maggiano Survey: All You Need To Know

Maggiano’s offers a guest satisfaction survey that gives you options for $100.

You have to complete the survey and be approved before entering into a drawing for the $100 prize, but once you are approved, your odds of winning are pretty good at 1 in 3.

Requirements for participating in the survey

1) For participating in this survey, the participant must be a permanent resident of the USA.

2) The participant must be 18 years of age or above that.

3) You must have your purchase receipt for participating in this survey.

4) Don’t give false information. If you do, you will be disqualified.

5) You will need the official web address of the surveying site.

6) Lastly, you will need an electronic gadget like a PC, smartphone, tablet or laptop and good Internet connectivity.

Maggiano Guest Satisfaction Survey win $100 gift card

Steps for completing the Maggiano Guest Satisfaction Survey

1) Firstly, you will have to visit its official website address.

2) On reaching this site home page, select the language in which you want to complete the survey.

3) Enter this survey code mentioned on your party received or enter your purchase receipt number in the given box.

4) Now, this survey will appear on your screen.

5) Answer the series of questions in that survey with total honesty.

6) After completing this survey, you will be asked whether you want to participate in the sweepstakes.

7) If you agree and want to participate in that, click on yes, and that’s it. You have completed this survey and participated in the exciting rewards.

How to Win a $100 Bonus reward in Maggiano Guest Satisfaction Survey

The Maggiano Guest Satisfaction Survey is a valuable opportunity for restaurants to get feedback on their customer service. It can provide critical insights into what works and does not work for guests.

Maggiano rewards the best responses with $100 in bonus reward. To win, participants must answer every question as honestly as possible.

How long the Maggiano Guest Satisfaction survey will take to complete?

Maggiano guest satisfaction surveys are typically completed within 6 minutes.

However, if the survey takes longer than 10 minutes, they will offer a $100 gift card to the customer that completed the survey.

The gift card must be spent on the day of survey completion and will not be redeemable for cash or another Maggiano product.

Restrictions for participating in the Maggiano Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Live in the United States, Canada, or Mexico and have recently been to Maggiano’s Little Italy or Maggiano’s Fresh & Fine Pizza. You can participate in a new satisfaction survey to earn $100 through this survey.

You must be dining as a guest and answer questions about your experience at the restaurant.

You’ll also receive a certificate of appreciation from Maggiano’s, mailed out within 8-10 weeks after the survey has closed.

Customer support:

Customer Support:

Contact Number: (972) 539-6400

About Maggiano 

Maggiano Little Italy has been serving authentic Italian specialities for over 80 years.

They are committed to our customers and make sincere efforts to prepare delicious dishes, whether in our kitchens or yours.

Housed in the historic Maggiano building at 300 North Wells Street in Chicago’s bustling “Lincoln Park” neighbourhood, we’ve long been immersed in a veritable culinary melting pot of all the world’s many flavours and origins.

Maggiano was founded by three brothers from Naples Giuseppe, Gennaro, and Aldo Maggiano.

They arrived in Chicago in 1922 with dreams of providing authentic Italian cuisine to the city’s growing immigrant population.

Maggiano is proud of its rich history and unbreakable promise to always provide you with delicious food served with hospitality.


1) What is the official website of Maggianos Little Italy guest survey? is the official website of Maggianos guest satisfaction survey.

2) What does Maggiano do?

Maggiano does not provide food at its restaurants. Instead, we offer hospitality and catering services.

3) How is Maggiano’s pasta different from other Italian restaurants?

At Maggiano’s, our signature macaroni and cheese is made from authentic al dente pasta, and our gnocchi is made from a potato-topped, hand-rolled dough.

4) What are some of the most popular dishes served at Maggiano?

Our most popular dishes include the Tuscan kale salad and Margherita pizza.

5) What locations does Maggiano serve?

Maggiano has restaurants in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, and New Jersey.


So that’s all about the Maggiano Guest Satisfaction Survey.

And how you can win $100 by completing the survey.

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