How To Stream IPTV on Chromecast in 5 steps

How To Stream IPTV on Chromecast in 5 steps

If you are looking for a way to watch TV without having to put up with the hassle of switching between apps and web pages, then you might be interested in streaming your IPTV through Chromecast. However, streaming IPTV on Chromecast can be a daunting task. But what are the best ways to have a great time and use your IPTV? With the help of this article, you can find out how to stream IPTV on Chromecast!

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a small, inexpensive streaming device that plugs into your TV. Using the Google Play Store, you can download apps that allow you to stream content from your computer or phone to your TV. Chromecast supports streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube. 

Requirements needed to stream IPTV on Chromecast 

There are a few things you will need to stream IPTV on Chromecast: 

1] A Chromecast device 

2] An IPTV streaming service 

3] A computer or phone with internet access 

4] An account with the streaming service of your choice 

5] A subscription to that streaming service (optional) 

In how many methods can you cast IPTV on Chromecast?

There are 2 ways by which you can scream IP TV on Chromecast. Below, we will explain the methods and the steps by which you can stream IPTV on Chrome cast, so read them carefully and apply as mentioned.

1] Chromecast IPTV through your PC

2] Chromecast IPTV through your smartphone 

How to stream IPTV on Chromecast with your PC:-

Below are some easy steps which you have read and followed for streaming IPTV on Chromecast using a PC:-

1] Power on your PC and open the VLC media player application.

[Note:- If you don’t have a VLC media player, then you can download that from Chrome.

2] Open the app and go to the media section in the left corner.

3] You will have to select the open network stream option, then click on the Network tab.

4] Fill in the M3U link of your IPTV service provider.

5] Now, hit the play button and select the Renderer option.

6] Type the name of your Chromecast connected TV.

7] After that, your TV will start sharing the screen.

8] Now, you can stream or play anything on your PC, and it will also play on your Chromecast connected TV.

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How to stream IPTV on Chromecast using your Android or iOS smartphone

There are various IPTV applications available on the Google Play store. You can download any application you want. We’re just heading an example, so read and follow the below steps to stream IPTV on Chromecast using your smartphone.

Stream IPTV on Chromecast
Stream IPTV on Chromecast

1] Open your smartphone and go to the Google Play store.

2] Search and download any of the best IPTV stream players you want.

3] Launch the IPTV player, enter your login details and click on the login button.

4] Now go to the settings app on your smartphone.

5] Click on the screen mirroring icon if you are an iOS device or; click on the cast if you are an Android device.

6] After that, select the name of your Chromecast device from the list.

7] Now, your smartphone has successfully Chromecast your screen.

8] Open the downloaded IPTV app and start streaming.

Addons for Streamers and Chromecast Users

Chromecast is a nifty little device that allows you to stream content from your computer or phone to your TV. However, if you want to use it to stream IPTV, you’re out of luck. 

Thankfully, there are a few third-party add-ons that can help you circumvent this limitation. The first of these is IPTVStreams. This addon gives you access to a library of live and on-demand IPTV channels worldwide. 

Another useful add-on is IPTVNow. This add-on lets you watch live and on-demand streams of various TV networks, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and PBS. It also has a comprehensive library of movies and TV shows. 

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution, then IPTVBox might be the perfect option. This add-on allows you to watch live and on-demand streams of television stations and provides access to a library of movies and TV shows. 

Chromecast is a great tool for streaming content from your computer or phone to your TV, but it doesn’t have all the functionality you might need if you’re interested.

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A Simple Explanation of the Process of Streaming IPTV on Chromecast

  1. First, you’ll need to get your hands on a Chromecast. The device costs $35 and can be found at most electronics stores. Once you have the Chromecast, you’ll need to set it up. 
  2. To do this, open the Google Play Store and search for “Chromecast.” From there, download the Chromecast app and open it. From there, tap the “setup” button and follow the instructions to set up your Chromecast.
  3. Once your Chromecast is set up, you’ll need to connect it to your TV. To do this, find your TV’s HDMI port and plug in the included HDMI cable. 
  4. Next, power on your TV and turn on your Chromecast. Once your Chromecast is connected, open the Google Play Store and search for “IPTV.” Install the IPTV app onto your phone or tablet and open it.
  5. Now that you have the IPTV app installed, you’ll need to connect it to your Chromecast and follow the instructions on your screen.  


1] What devices can I use Chromecast with? 

You can use Chromecast with most HDMI port devices, including TVs, laptops, tablets, and phones.

2] How do I get started streaming IPTV on Chromecast? 

You’ll need a compatible device, an internet connection, and an IPTV app. 

3] Can I cast IPTV on Chromecast?

Yes, you can cast IPTV on Chromecast through your PC or smartphone. For steps, read the above article.

4] Is IPTV stream player available on the Google Play store?

You can download the IPTV stream player application through the given LINK.

Final words

So that is all about how you can stream IPTV on Chromecast. There are so many IPTV players available on the Google Play store you can download which one you like or as per your preference for your android TV box. 

We have explained the steps in very easy form. All you have to do is just read them out and follow them strictly. For more tech related articles, you can visit our website. 

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