Ashes of Love season 2 release date, trailer, plot, etc

Ashes of Love season 2 release date, trailer, plot, etc

In this, we’ll provide you with the latest news, spoilers about Ashes of Love season 2, release date, cast, plot, trailer, teaser, etc. So make sure you don’t miss this one.

You’ll find out if there will be a season 2 of the series and whether or not it has been cancelled!

Introduction to the Series: Ashes of Love

Ashes of Love is a Chinese TV series, and its story is based on the novel Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost by Dian Xian. The series falls under the genres of Xianxia, fantasy, and romance.

The popular series features Yang Zi and Deng Lun as Jin Mi and Xu Feng as their main characters. Season 1 of the series aired in August 2018, featuring 63 episodes on Jiangsu TV. 

The hype and craze for this series is so unreal that within 15 minutes, the episode had crossed 100 million total views. And, as of now, Ashes of Love has achieved more than 20 billion total views.

Ashes of Love season 2 release date, trailer, plot, etc

Will there be Ashes of Love season 2?

Youku has confirmed that a sequel to Ashes of Love will be released. He said they had received a lot of interest from fans after season 1. 

This statement has excited fans who have been waiting for this since season 1. 

The novel will be acclimated into a television series with still images and artwork posters.

The potential release date for Ashes of Love season 2:

The release date for the second season of Ashes of Love has not yet been revealed. 

However, it is expected to be released by November December of 2022. The first season focuses on two young people who are in love. 

The children from the previous season will be at the forefront of the upcoming season.

Star cast to be featured in Ashes of Love season 2:

1) Yang Zi will play Jinmi.

2) Deng Lun will play Xufeng.

3) Luo Yunxi will play Runyu.

4) Wang Yifei will play Syihe.

5) Chen Yuqi will play Liuying.

6) Zou Tingwei will play Qiyuan.

Storylines and plots to look forward to in Ashes of Love season 2:

After Xu Feng’s partner, Mu Ci, dies, Mu Ci’s death brings an end to his relationship with Xu Feng.

Xu Feng struggles to carry on because he feels responsible for the death. 

Mu Ci wants Xu Feng to use his fire magic to eliminate the silkworms infesting his body. 

Executing his fire magic, though, only made Mu Ci’s situation worse, despite his efforts to save him. 

Because of this, he will deteriorate and die in ten years, but only if he is successful. Now it will be interesting to see how he will save his life. 

With that, what will happen between them? Let’s wait for Ashes of Love season 2 to be released.


1) Will there be season 2 of Ashes of Love?

The release date for the second season of Ashes of Love has not yet been revealed. However, it is expected to be released by the end of 2022. 

2) What is the name of season 2 of Ashes of Love?

The series creator reveals the name of the sequel, and it is: “Love When the Star Fall.”

3) How many episodes are in Ashes of Love?

There are 63 episodes in all seasons of Ashes of Love.

4) Is Ashes of Love in Netflix?

Yes, you can watch Ashes of Love on Netflix.

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